Andrea René Williams has been singing for years. Music literally runs through her veins. Even though she's sung in front of thousands, given riveting performances and had GRAMMY and Stellar Award Winners as choir directors, for a large part of her life, she kept her musical talent hidden. Most comfortable in the background supporting other artists, she was content to let her gift lie dormant - until the Lord convicted her. Understanding that she would be held accountable for what He placed inside of her, she felt compelled to let the music God had given her flow through her to other believers. Although she's been influenced and groomed by some of the best in the genre of Gospel music for decades now, it's only been recently that she decided to spread her wings and follow her dreams. Now with a passion to sing to the masses, she's moving forward in her own ministry of music. She will be releasing new music and has launched her music ministry organization, Andrea René Williams Music Ministries; her music publishing company, Butterfly Praise Publishing; and her Gospel record label, Angels Wings Records.

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